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442.900 – KC0RMS/R Independence Repeater

This repeater has since been replaced with a DMR repeater.

BCARC has added a second Independence Repeater.

The KC0RMS/R 70cm repeater was activated on August 14, 2016. It is located on the same tower NE of Independence as the 2m repeater. The frequency is 442.900 with a CTCSS of 103.5.

Currently we do not have a repeater controller for this, so there is no hang time after you unkey, no courtesy beep, and no ID. If you use it, please ID it. We are currently researching the best low cost option for a controller for this repeater. As we hope to replace this with a better repeater soon, we want to keep the cost minimal.

This repeater is currently running on a pair of Motorola M1225 radios.


Independence Repeater

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