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New Indee DMR Repeater

At the January 2017 meeting it was decided that BCARC will purchase a DMR repeater to replace the current 442.900 voice repeater. The budget is approx $1,300 for the repeater and the hardware needed to extend the internet access from the club station at “Green Acres” to the tower site approx 0.4 miles away.

This new DMR repeater will be linked via the Brandmeister DMR Network. This will allow communications across Iowa, the USA, or even worldwide. As of this posting (1/20/2017) there are 4 DMR repeaters in Iowa, with 3 more “Coming Soon”. You can access these DMR repeaters with the Tytera MD380 radios among others. There is a Facebook Group called Iowa DMR DMR Users Group 3119 that has much more information as well as the radio “codeplugs” to get started.

A Motorola XPR8300 Repeater has been ordered and will be delivered to the club once we’ve reached the $1,000 mark of our funding goal.

**UPDATE** As of March 16, 2017 we have fully reached our funding goal!

Motorola XPR8300 DMR UHF repeater, with its duplexer, ready to go to Buchanan County Amateur Radio Club

The repeater is now on the air, but there is a problem with the antenna on the main site and we are using a temporary antenna on the Green Acres tower at 50′.

Last update: 4/19/2017