Independence Repeaters

BCARC sponsors two Ham Radio Repeaters in Independence, Iowa.

442.900 KC0RMS DMR

The 70cm DMR repeater operates on the Brandmeister Network.  It is located on the same tower as the 2m repeater.

Independence DMR Repeater Coverage Map
Independence DMR Repeater Coverage

145.330 – KC0RMS (CTCSS 103.5)

In June of 2000, the NI0L 145.330 Independence, Iowa repeater was removed from service. Coverage from this repeater was not optimal, and the repeater had some problems with distorted audio. The repeater was a split site setup with the 2M receive site located at the top of the Independence Mental Health Institute, and the transmitter on top of the Independence Fire Station. The 2M receiver was getting on in age and was not a very high quality unit to begin with. There was zero funding available for repairs, and no local club existed at that time, so N0NPI (now W0HC) and NI0L (now KO0E) decided that it was time for the repeater to go QRT. All of the receive equipment was removed from MHI, including the antennas, which consisted of a 5/8 wave mobile mount antenna and a 3 element Yagi for the 440MHz crosslink frequency. The transmitter was removed from the fire station, leaving behind the Isopole antenna and 440 yagi that was on the roof. The only part worth saving from the original repeater was the VHF Duplexers, which weren’t even being used in the split site configuration.

In 2004 BCARC built a new 2M repeater with the primary coverage area to be Buchanan County. The frequency is once again 145.330MHz (103.5 CTCSS), and the callsign is KCøRMS.

This repeater is a Motorola MSR2000 with a CAT 700B controller from Computer Automation Technology, Inc. All of this equipment was funded through an Interoperability of Communications grant received by the Buchanan County Emergency Management Agency. The repeater was originally installed on the self supporting tower at the Buchanan County Secondary Road Dept on 1st Street East in Independence.

In 2013, this repeater was moved to the new 350′ public safety communications tower NE of Independence.

KC0RMS APRS Digipeater

We also have an APRS digipeater on the air.  It is located on a tower at the Hazleton Fire Department.